Let's keep this bio short, to the point and in the 1st person. I'm Ross, and I appreciate you coming to my site. I've studied writing, improv and acting at The Second City and iO Chicago. In 2016, my first short film, which I wrote, directed and starred in, "Screen Time", played at film festivals in the U.S., Canada and Ireland. I've also performed as a stand up comic at clubs around the midwest and comedy festivals around the U.S. for the past 7 years.

Currently, I work as a writer for "POV" at iO Chicago, which is a weekly talk and sketch show hybrid offering social commentary on Chicago, America and the world.

I've also written and hosted a table read for my original sitcom pilot, "Crashed", in the Chris Farley Cabaret Theater at iO Chicago, and I'm currently working on trying to get this project developed.